this is the blow up.

this is the blow up.


Ah! I am surrounded by Aussies…

Emerging from my little island world I am about to enter a fully western but completely not world…

A big city filled with funny sounding people who eat (and enjoy) vegemite… Albeit very nice people, I am concerned about the number of mullets that are here.

I wonder if the atmosphere will reflect the hairstyle of choice. I was hoping to get some sleep… Let’s hope I am in the front of the plane.

until next time.

Well the training is wrapped up and Three days of paradise are behind me.

It was a strange ending to the training. It happened so fast. But it didn’t feel like it in the usual way… If you can even day there is a usual way for things ending quickly.

Although I sincerely enjoyed every second of it, I was definitely ready for it to wrap up. So much information. I just need some time to process and absorb.

Then it was straight off to gili air with 3 of the girls. Amazing. Such an incredibly beautiful place. I didn’t see any turtles unfortunately but on the boat ride over I did see loads of dolphins. One full on jumped out of the water right next to us.

Now I am in the airport ridiculously early…

On to the next journey… Sydney Australia.

flying by.

It’s amazing. Week 2 is almost done. Time is just whizzing by.

It’s strange though. This being In Bali, but not really sure if I feel like I am in Bali or not.

every day I wake up before the sun has risen and I go home to bed long after it has set. And in between…?

Yoga, food, yoga, food, yoga, yoga, food, yoga.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the least bit complaining. I am just in this strange reality where I am nothing but in Bali and at the some time not at all.

I don’t think this makes much sense.

I am tired.


Christianity has been in India for a very long time. But there has never been a ‘take over’.

The beauty of it is their world (or rather universal) view of one God many forms.

When the Christian missionaries came to India the Indians just said “oh wonderful” and put Jesus’ picture right next to Ganesh.

first star I see tonight.

I don’t want to get repetitive… But meditation tonight… Wow.

I saw my first firefly my first meditation, and tonight i saw a whole galaxy’s worth.

I have imagined fireflies when listening to ambient meditation ‘music’ with the sounds of a pristine evening.

Never thought I would be so lucky to experience it first hand.


Om Nama shivaya.


Perhaps I’m going deeper than I think… There are four layers. The layer before atman, enlightenment, is the causal layer, like deep sleep. But there is no awareness there.

The key to enlightenment is bringing consciousness there.

Karma is stored in the causal layer though, that’s why it is so dark. I need to clean off my lightbulb so I can get there :)

Here I come.

the things that remain.

It seems almost everything has changed since I got here.

But one wonderful thing I have managed to hold on to…

A cookie for breakfast!

and so begins a dance withe the divine.

Tea with the group has left me thirsty for more…

This training is going to be “transformational”.

I can just feel it!

Doesn’t hurt that I will be able to connect with my roots practicing and looking out over the rice paddies ;)

Side note: when eating a tropical fruit salad, squeeze lime juice on it.

and what brings you here.

I sit here in Hong Kong watching everyone board my flight to Bali. As I walked on to the plane I hear a lady say to a friend “oh, Lindsay is going to Bali, we need to go.” I detect a tone of irritation.

For some reason, this comment has stirred my first feelings of excitement.

I am going to Bali!

I know nothing about Indonesia, let alone the island of Bali… What do Balinese people look like? What do they eat? Is this man who just sat next to me Balinese?

Oh boy… So much to learn, so much to look forward to.

Buckled up, ready to go. Being it on Bali.


Anusara Certified teacher Patrick Creelman in town this week!  

Inner body bright, here we go!

next stop… the boudoir wall.  MEGA size. 

next stop… the boudoir wall.  MEGA size. 

the body.

Pure frustration.

I have never been seriously injured until last May.  And it sucks.  Sure I have had injuries, but they healed within a month and it was back at it.

Not so lucky this time.

I just want to heal.  What else is there to do?

Or is that just it?  Perhaps it is the doing nothing that will heal me.  

But who has the time for nothing this day and age?